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How to Integrate the Teachings in Everyday Life

In this rich selection of teachings, Rinpoche explains how to apply the wisdom of the teachings in every aspect of our lives

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Learning how to forgive

This collection of teachings contains some of Rinpoche’s best advice on how to apply bodhichitta and lojong to reach a point of genuine forgiveness.

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How to Transform Loneliness

So often we go looking for happiness and comfort outside of ourselves. In this collection of teachings, Rinpoche reminds us that ultimately the solutions lie within, and through working with our mind and heart, even emotions like loneliness can be transformed and overcome. 

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Practising Tsok Meaningfully

The practice of tsok offering is among the most powerful & skilful Vajrayana methods for accumulating merit & wisdom, and purifying our obscurations.

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Vajrasattva Practice Pack

Vajrasattva practice is a profound and powerful method of healing and purification that draws upon the skilful means of Vajrayana to bring about complete spiritual transformation.

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How to Make Clear and Wise Decisions

It’s often difficult to make the right decision but with the guiding principles that Rinpoche offers us, we can learn to make clear and wise decisions and come to make choices that we won’t regret.

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Overcoming Feelings of Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

A few uplifting teachings on overcoming feelings of depression and how to help either ourselves or someone else who is contemplating suicide.

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How to Help Someone Who Has Committed Suicide

The advice presented here explains how to practise for someone who has committed suicide.

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Home Retreat

Teachings from the Intensive Programme—beginning with the ngöndro—for Intensive Programme and Parallel Programme students to catch up, review, deepen and integrate what they have already received.

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The Wish-fulfilling Jewel 

A special practice of Guru Rinpoche revealed by Sogyal Rinpoche which is particularly relevant for these times.

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Teachings for Parents of Children & Teenagers

These teachings present important practical advice to ease the challenges parents face in caring for their young children and teenagers.

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Riwo Sangchö

Riwo Sangchö, literally ‘Mountain Smoke Offering’, is a practice of offering and of purification of obscurations, using the element of fire. 

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Tendrel Nyesel

A powerful practice for removing all unharmonious circumstances in your life and in the world.

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