Ngöndro Retreat 2014 Compilation

The ngöndro teachings from the 2014 Ngöndro Retreat in Lerab Ling were extremely profound and Rinpoche has asked all of his Dzogchen Mandala students, in particular, to listen to them. As Rinpoche said: “For all Dzogchen Mandala students, this is a must!” In fact, it can be considered a prerequisite for the Dzogchen summer retreats.
On this occasion, Rinpoche placed special emphasis on the need to work with our habits in the context of Ngöndro practice. This compilation features nine and a half hours of teaching, selected from the delayed streaming edits of these teachings, on:

  • the process of Ngöndro,
  • taking Refuge,
  • generating Bodhichitta,
  • some particularly special teachings on Vajrasattva,
  • Mandala Offering in a nutshell, and
  • teachings on Guru Yoga that go deeply into the topic of pure perception.

All students in the Ngöndro and Dzogchen Mandalas can order them here, in both audio and video formats. Price: 20 euros.

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