Healing Low Self-esteem

We are all fundamentally good, yet many of us are oppressed by ignorance and negative emotions that lead to low self-esteem, insecurity and feeling unloved. We can begin to heal this by acknowledging and connecting with the fundamental goodness and unconditional love that we all have within us, and which the Dharma calls our buddha nature.

Video Teachings

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Video 01

The Core Being

Cologne, 3 May & Hombroich 4 May 2005
Video 02

Bringing out the love inside you

Berlin, 28 October 2012
Video 03

Connect with the goodness of your buddha nature

Dzogchen Beara, 29 June & Lerab Ling, 24 June 2009
Video 04

Believe in your fundamental goodness

Lerab Ling, 13 October 2008
Video 05

Realize your nature

Myall Lakes, 26 January 2008
Video 06

The profound love of buddha nature

Myall Lakes, 25 January 2014
Video 07

Develop confidence in your own wisdom

Dzogchen Beara, 2 July 2013
Video 08

Who are we really?

Munich, 2 October 2002
Video 09

The essence of the precious human birth

Myall Lakes, 22 January 2013