Welcome to this web service! 

This web service presents a wealth of Buddhist teachings and written study materials for Rigpa students. They are accessible to subscribed members of The All-Encompassing Path to Enlightenment, and a username and password is required to view them online or to download them onto your computer or device.

If you would like to join The All-Encompassing Path and gain access to these teachings, please contact your local Rigpa instructor or centre coordinator for more information.

What is The All–Encompassing Path to Enlightenment?

The All-Encompassing Path includes the following core elements, which together form the essential programme for all of Rigpa’s students: Monthly Gatherings, Weekly Home Study Programme, and Retreats. 

Monthly Gatherings

The Monthly Gatherings at local Rigpa centres are an important part of the All-Encompassing Path, because this is where the key and most profound teachings are being studied by the whole Sangha.

This is also where we connect with other Sangha members and receive support and guidance from instructors. Developing compassion and wisdom as a community and learning how to help each other as spiritual friends is a crucial element of this Path, and Rinpoche has been emphasising it again and again.

Another important aspect of the Monthly Gatherings is giving feedback on the teachings and the way they are being presented. One of the aspirations behind the All-Encompassing Path to Enlightenment is to find a way to practise and study that works for everyone in the Sangha. Everything is flexible and workable, and designed according to feedback. So, if something is not working at any level, let us know and we will change it!

The Weekly Home Study Programme

Additional All-Encompassing Path teachings and study resources are made available online as part of the Weekly Home Study Programme. Watch and study the teachings at home in your own time, or meet up with Dharma friends to study them together. The Home Study is released three times a month and is available on this website.

Your Home Study materials will stay online, which means you can get back to them any time you want.